About This Series

It was particpation in the 15th Annual Wabi-Sabi Show at the O’Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley, CA that make me look more closely at work I have been doing which involves a degree of chance. I have been inspired by John Cage's work incorporating chance and sounds from daily life in art and music. In most of my work there is an element of randomness, mostly in how paint is absorbed into the plaster that I use and how it naturally flows over the texture I create. The paintings in this show are teaching me to trust process and when to stop, so that the energy and lightness found in one moment might be remembered.


On Wabi- Sabi from the O’Hanlon Center

“…celebrating the simple, the rustic, the unassuming; the dignity of things imperfect,

uncontrolled and incomplete; the transient beauty of the natural world…” 

When seeking to understand Wabi-Sabi, it is helpful to contemplate the idea that beauty is inherent in a simple object, which in turn evokes a quiet, thoughtful mood and atmosphere. The emphasis of this exhibit will be not on the final perfected form of the work, but on how well pieces reflect a sense and feeling of this elusive concept. In particular, focus will be on the imaginative use of natural materials that may include found objects.