Rain, 2018, Plaster on Panel, 36" x 60"

Rain, 2018, Plaster on Panel, 36" x 60"


Please Join me for the 15th Annual Wabi-Sabi Show at the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA


“…celebrating the simple, the rustic, the unassuming; the dignity of things imperfect,

uncontrolled and incomplete; the transient beauty of the natural world…” 

When seeking to understand Wabi-Sabi, it is helpful to contemplate the idea that beauty is inherent in a simple object, which in turn evokes a quiet, thoughtful mood and atmosphere. The emphasis of this exhibit will be not on the final perfected form of the work, but on how well pieces reflect a sense and feeling of this elusive concept. In particular, focus will be on the imaginative use of natural materials that may include found objects.

Please see the Wabi-Sabi portion of the OHCA website for inspiration and more resources: ohanloncenter.org/wabi-sabi/

We’re also holding two Wabi-Sabi related workshops in August: